Petrol Services

Below are a small selection of the services we offer for machinery. If you cant find what you are looking for here then get in touch with us.


Scheduled Servicing

We can service your vehicle to a schedule that fits around you, we have a courtesy car on-hand so that servicing doesn't disrupt your day.

Brake Servicing

We can replace parts of wear and tear such as brake pads and rotors. We maintain and repair mechanical and hydraulic brake systems and can have electronic brake system faults such as ABS analysed.

Belt Servicing
Belt Change and Servicing

We can check and replace drive and accessory belts when worn or deteriorated. We can also replace timing belts where required. Belt replacement is something that is often left to the last minute and can cause costly down time of your vehicle. We will ensure to let you know when your belts require replacing to avoid this.


Oil and Filter Changes
Belt Change and Servicing

We will service your vehicles oils and filters to manufacturer specifications and with genuine parts where requested. We use high quality Caltex oils giving your vehicle the most protection

Top Tunes
Belt Change and Servicing

Top tunes involve adjusting the tolerance of your engines intake and exhaust valves. This can optimise engine performance and efficiency whilst reducing noise.

Clutch Servicing
Belt Change and Servicing

We can adjust your vehicles clutch with each service to ensure that you get the most out of your clutch and flywheel. We can also replace your vehicles clutch and other associated parts were required.

Service Reccomendations

Below are some servicing requirements for petrol vehicles, these are to be used as guidelines only and you should always refer to manufacturer specifications for details

  • 20K Service

    Petrol engines should be serviced every 15-20,000 Kilometers. This service at minimum will consist of and oil and filter change

  • Transmission Servicing

    For vehicles that have automatic transmissions the oil should be changed every 30-50,000 kilometers (refer to manufacturer specifications) and it is reccomended that the transmission oil is flushed every 160,000 kilometers.

  • Timing Belt

    Petrol engines that require a timing belt change should be changed every 100,000 Kilometers or 5 years (manufacturer specifications may differ). Some engines have a chain cam-belt and don't require changing but should be still be checked

  • Brakes

    Brake pads will wear at different rates depending on use. Most brake pads will start to squeel when they are near needing replacing.